Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Must Up Bigger Butt/Booty/Breast Cream before and after pictures - So embarrassing...

So I have been saying I was going to post a picture of my before and after of using must up cream. Truth is I have had this before and after for about 2 weeks now and I have been so embarrassed up putting it up. I am not proud of my flat ass! lmfao. seriously though like From the front view I look semi curvy and then I turn to the side and im like flat as a board! But I have gotten A LOT of emails requesting my before and after and I strongly believe in only promoting products that I have personally try and that I like/love and know they work! So here is my before and after picture of my booty... =( It is not like a HUGE difference but I can totally see the fluffiness that its given me. Like now I have a little crease between my upper thigh and my butt cheek lmfao... do you know what i mean? like i can pass "the pencil test" . moving on... here is the photo
Another reason why I had not posted the picture yet, but it was the least of the reason, was because the actual product was not yet in stock. It is now in stock! and I do ship out daily if possible!


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  2. I'm doing it now an my butt is on hell hot....